What’s the hardest game in a casino?


December 6, 2021

Sometimes we measure the difficulty of something in terms of how much it costs the players to learn and how well it works. For example, when we learn to ride a bicycle when we are young, we can overcome mental difficulties, make the wheels walk upright, and then go on the road normally. The same is true of casino games, both for dealers and gamblers. The dealer needs to know all the rules of the game, be proficient in the game, avoid mistakes as much as possible and keep the game running at a normal pace to ensure a good gaming experience for gamblers. Gamblers understand the rules of the game, and accumulate experience through long-term practice, to achieve self-thought can understand the card road, change the skill of the game. So what is the most difficult game in the casino? Let's go through them one by one.


Blackjack (BlackJack), there is a game called Pontoon, is a modified version of blackjack, similar gameplay, described together.

If there's one game in a casino that's the most recognized, accessible, and accessible in the world, it's blackjack. Originally from France, the game is now available in every casino in the world, becoming a standard part of both the East and the West.

Lotus official on behalf of the banker, blackjack table generally has 7 boxes, each Box can bet 3, the total amount does not exceed the maximum limit on the table. A can be regarded as A 1 or 11, the first two cards, 21 is the largest, if the 10, jack, queen, king of the four cards with an ACE, this is called A Black Jack, the odds are 1:1.5, other odds are 1 to 1.

This game is the most test of the dealer is counting cards and card points. If you buy all 7 boxes, you will issue 7 cards at once. At 9, 10, and 11 o 'clock, gamblers can choose to double, add the same betting code, and only issue one card. The dealer needs to count the number of cards added up, higher than the 21 point bust, which is usually said to explode, automatically lost. Sometimes encounter the card is a small number of cards, such as the first two cards are 2, 3, after according to the requirements of the guests fill the card is 4, 2, 3, 1, 1, 2, dealer to the last card out, quickly calculate and report the current points. There are 6 boxes behind this box, after the customer's card, it is the dealer's. Dealer points 17 points below must fill cards, after the card and the guests began to compare the cards, this is a test of the memory of the dealer and the ability to count cards in a moment because, after the card, you are likely to have forgotten the first box or other box points.

Blackjack is popular all over the world, a large part of the reason is that guests can decide according to the rules of free call (hit), (stand), (double), (split), (buy insurance), (even money). This is to decide their cards and destiny of the game, is the evolution of human beings in the process of gradually improve the desire to control the embodiment, later, gradually appeared "card" this loophole, show intelligence of advanced play. Just as the human race evolves, the casino is constantly making changes, so the eight-deck shoe is replaced by a five-deck shuffle master. To make the card counting stunt as useless as looking for a needle in a haystack.


The wheel is made of premium cherry wood and metal and is extremely heavy. The ball is usually made of special material resin plastic, generally a large one and a small one according to the custom of the dealer, some that casinos use ivory.

Even if you don't know the game roulette, you're familiar with the name. Thanks to that famous suicidal game of Russian roulette. Participants placed one or more bullets in a revolver's nest, then rotated the bullets and closed them. Participants take turns putting a pistol to their head and pulling the trigger. Until someone gets shot or doesn't dare pull the trigger.

 Of course, roulette in a casino is very different from this game and has nothing to do with it. The word Roulette in French means a small wheel. The roulette wheel usually has 37 or 38 numbers. The dealer is responsible for playing the ball on the side of the rotating wheel, and the number that the ball falls on is the winning number.


This is a standard baccarat table, and it's normal to have a sea of gamblers. Here, a dealer is exchanging chips for cash gamblers.

The game baccarat is a godlike presence in Asian casinos, and Asians are crazy about it more than any other game. Its rules are relatively simple, play rough direct, not Zhuang win, is an idle win, or draw not to lose not to win.

Baccarat basic rules and a list of odds, a mix of fonts, should be Singapore casinos.

The red diamonds in the picture, which is the standard posture for baccarat gamblers, should be 100,000 chips, so there are four of them and three of them, so there should be 4.3 million chips in total. Generally in Hong Kong dollar settlement chips, more than 50,000 will use this kind of square plastic material, more than that round chips appear higher. Watch out for that phone. Casinos generally don't allow guests to leave their phones on the table, to prevent cameras and cheating.

Although Baccarat is a relatively simple game, there are still two difficulties in front of the dealer:

Count the money. Strictly speaking, calculating money is a basic skill for a lotus official, like a little thought in Wing Chun. But baccarat money sometimes requires some experience and skills, especially encountered some tricky gamblers bet 1,379,500 yuan, 5% tax, deduct tax need to compensate gamblers how much? A little novice will be confused, then need to use some advanced techniques such as wing Chun eight chopping knife.

State of mind. This general test lotus official individual, no matter how good the master also can't teach. It's not unusual for dozens of avid gamblers to gather around a baccarat table, a game that Asians are crazy about. Mixed with the profanity of every accent, refueling, never stop for chips, put a picture of yourself to feel it.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This is a standard Caribbean poker table. The one Two Six shuffling machine on the left is also known as the snail machine by many gamblers because it looks like a snail. There are seven boxes on the table, and the red one is A Jackpot. Usually, you can win A Jackpot with A flush. The biggest prize is A royal flush (10, J, Q, K, A), which can win all the money in the Jackpot.

Many people know Texas Hold 'em, whether it's God of Gamblers, Casino Royale, or the popular domestic Zakaria so that even those unfamiliar with the game know what a flush is.

Caribbean Hold 'em is a close cousin of Texas Hold 'em, and the game is similar, except that Texas Hold 'em is player to player and Caribbean hold' em is player the house. The dealer still represents the dealer, a pair of sevens, and wins and losses are far greater than Texas Hold 'em pump, which is why there are few Texas Hold 'em tables in casinos. It's a safe bet, but it's a slow one.

Gamblers bet after the end, the dealer began to issue cards, a bet a 5 card, gamblers according to their cards to decide whether to bet. 5 card face size from a high card (with A, K), one pair, two pairs, three, straight, flush, calabash, four, flush, and finally to flush. The game is simple, according to different card sizes has different odds, the official is relatively easy, easy to learn gamblers.