Fact to Accept: Bitcoin Casinos Are Becoming Popular


November 30, 2021

With internet technology getting better every day, the market for cryptocurrency as an alternative to payment has been hugely popular since the launch of Bitcoin.

Do you have "virtual cryptocurrency"? Bitcoin, the most widely known, is considered an investment tool because it has a ceiling on supply and its price can fluctuate wildly depending on factors such as demand, but for many people, virtual cryptocurrency doesn't seem to be practical in life at all.

But In June 2020, Coca-Cola Amatil, the largest non-alcoholic ready-drink bottler and distributor in the Asia-Pacific region, has signed a deal with Centrapay, a digital asset management company, giving you the chance to buy a coke from a vending machine using virtual cryptocurrency.

There are already QR codes for mobile payment vending machines, which allow customers to pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat, etc, but these payments are made using "legal tender" rather than "cryptocurrency". Amatil is the first in Australia and New Zealand to open more than 2,000 vending machines with QR code tags. Consumers can pay by scanning the QR code on the vending machine using Sylo Smart Wallet, a Digital Wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, the virtual cryptocurrency only supports bitcoin payments for now.

Centrapay chief Executive Jerome Faury said the company would go global in the future and target the U.S. market first. Dorian Johannink, the co-founder of Sylo Smart Wallet, also points out that while bitcoin is the only currency available at the moment, other cryptocurrencies will be added in the future, giving consumers more options!

Can casinos use cryptocurrencies?

With Internet technology getting better every day, the market for cryptocurrencies as an alternative to payments has become hugely popular since Bitcoin was launched in 2009. The gaming, e-commerce and real estate investment sectors have come to realize and acknowledge cryptocurrency, and the gambling industry, in particular, is increasingly adopting alternative payment solutions.

Over the past few years, numerous "blockchain" casinos have been launched, and some of the existing ones have begun accepting online transactions using various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ether. According to industry experts from Anonymous Casino, the growing interests of players and casinos make these deals "hard to ignore"; Indeed, many online game officials believe the use of cryptocurrencies on gambling platforms opens up a dazzling new world.

Making cryptocurrency one of the most secure options available to fans of online games is that players remain anonymous when making payments because all transaction information is encrypted at all times. Addicted to cryptocurrency use, gamblers can finally give up worrying about their private data because they don't need ID Numbers, home addresses, or bank details.

With this payment method, all the player needs is a user name, password, and "desire to have fun." Cryptocurrencies also benefit casinos, as the payment method not only attracts more inclined players but also reduces transaction processing time since no financial institutions (i.e., Banks) are involved. Cryptocurrencies can also protect casinos from any form of fraud.

Have you started to play using Bitcoin? If not, we at Anonymous Casino seriously recommend you give it a try! We have prepared generous bonuses to new and existing players!