Are Your Bitcoin Casinos Provably Fair?


June 25, 2021
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Bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular. Many factors would affect players’ decisions on where to play, such as anonymity, fast withdrawals, and bonuses. But there is always one factor that no bitcoin casino owners and players dare to ignore - trust.

How can a player trust a bitcoin casino that the games are fair? How can a bitcoin casino guarantees to the players that they are not cheating?

That’s where provability fair comes into play.

Today, popular bitcoin casinos like Anonymous Casino use provably fair algorithms to ensure the validity of its online games. After each round of games, players can immediately verify the fairness of any game. That makes those casinos the safest choice for the players.

How Does Provably Fair Work?

Before each game begins, our advanced and secure server uses a certified, best-in-class Random Number Generator to generate a game outcome that is called Result. The Result is confidential and known to no one before the game.

You, as a player, can affect the result in many ways. That works similarly with real-life gambling - people would usually choose to cut the deck of cards, or rolling a dice to ensure fairness of the game. In online bitcoin casinos like Anonymous Casino, we ask you to provide a number that represents your influence. This number is called Client Seed.

After all players place the bets in a game, the game starts and the server will start to calculate the Final Result of the game based on both the Result and Client Seed.

This allows the player to check if the outcome was truly random and was determined before the start.

If a bitcoin casino cheats, it would be easy for players to find out because they can just check the Result they received encrypted before the game starts, and see if it’s the same with the one players got after the end of the game.

What Games Are Provably Fair?

At Anonymous Casino, all our games are provably fair, such as our roulette games, card games, and slot games.

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