When you buy bitcoin, these security issues can’t be ignored


January 2, 2022

The reality is that Bitcoin, like any other investment, inevitably has a security issue, although it may not be one that lies with Bitcoin itself.

In theory, Bitcoin itself has never even been hacked, and while there is a possibility, the odds are so small that your chances of winning the lottery every day are greater than the chances of the Bitcoin network being breached.

However, even if the Bitcoin network itself is secure enough, there have been many cases of Bitcoin assets being stolen by hackers, mainly because the owners of the Bitcoin did not protect their private keys, after all, without the private keys, Bitcoin is gone forever.

In other words, if you carelessly take care of your private key, hackers will be happy to keep it for you. Once a bitcoin is stolen, you can only watch your bitcoin move from wallet to wallet on the blockchain, never getting it back.

All in all, in terms of Bitcoin's cybersecurity, at least for the foreseeable future, we can almost completely eliminate the fear of consensus attacks, but it's important for individuals to take care of their private keys and choose a secure exchange platform.

A friendly reminder to investors, to buy bitcoin to identify the formal platform, try to choose the industry head trading platforms because they are more secure.