The first central bank digital currency application scene is located in Beijing Fengtai


January 10, 2021

After pilot projects in Shenzhen and Suzhou, the central bank's digital currency has been used in Beijing for the first time. In Beijing, the central bank's digital currency has been used in a coffee shop named Manmao Coffee in The Jintang Building in Jersey City, Fengtai. Authorized consumers can use their digital RMB wallets to pay for various goods. In addition, the country's first single digital RMB consumption on e-commerce platform was also born recently, when a customer in Suzhou successfully placed an order on 360buy.

The concept of digital currency has become increasingly popular since it was put forward, and it will undoubtedly set off a new wave of revolution in many industries by virtue of its natural subversive genes and broad application scenarios. Now, China's central bank is accelerating the pilot of digital currency, which makes the outside world sigh with emotion that digital currency is really coming.

At a cat cafes, through the staff presentation, empowered consumers download digital yuan wallet behind the digital currency can be used for scanning to pay, can also be offline payment, in open the NFC and mobile phone Settings screen and switch to flight mode, open the digital payment renminbi to slide on the wallet, choose the "touch", and the number of merchants yuan wallet near, payment is done.

Have the user said, look from payment experience, the use of digital cash payment and use WeChat, pay treasure to difference is not big, also can be in the APP code and collection code to complete the payment and collection of payment, just number RMB can also when no network signal, through two mobile phones to touch can complete transfer, payment and a series of operations.

In the second session of the bund financial summit, the central bank, director of the institute digital currency MuChangChun defined digital currency authority: the digital currency is issued by the people's bank of the legal tender of the digital form, by the specified operations involved in operation and to the public, on the basis of generalized account system, support functions of bank accounts of loose coupling, and equivalent notes and COINS, has the value characteristic and law countervail sex, support the controllable anonymous.

In August last year, the Ministry of Commerce issued a plan to "pilot the digital RMB in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the central and western regions where conditions permit." In December last year, 20 million yuan was given to all eligible Suzhou residents in digital RMB hongbao, and e-commerce companies joined in -- jingdong mall became the first online scene in the pilot to allow citizens to pay in digital RMB when buying their own products.

Reporters learned that in the process of consumption on this line, industry, agriculture, in, construction, delivery, postal savings six banks have successfully completed the first transaction of the digital RMB suzhou pilot. Among them, As one of the first technology companies to cooperate with the People's Bank of China and the Digital Research Institute to carry out the "digital RMB pilot work", JINGdong Digital Technology has formed a set of payment service system including risk control, security strategy, payment technology, etc., which effectively connected the operation institutions and consumption scenarios in a short time.

Peng Fei, head of jd Digits' RMB project, told reporters: "In the digital RMB pilot, JD digits provides technology + service + scene. At the technical level, jingdong Digital Department has experienced many years of "Jingdong 618" and "Double 11" testing, so that it can complete safe and stable payment technical support in a short time; At the service level, JD Digital helps merchants to upgrade their cash register machines and tools, providing a digital RMB payment experience consistent with existing payment methods.

Specifically, in this digital RMB red envelope activity, in addition to docking jingdong online scene, Jingdong Digital Branch also docking banks to access jingdong's offline payment scene, such as Jingdong Five Star appliance, Jingdong Home, Jingdong convenience store and other physical stores; At the same time, Jingdong Department of Statistics developed a characteristic scene of PAYMENT on delivery, and transformed the special mobile phone needed for cashier in the scene of JD Logistics' delivery on delivery, which can be used by couriers to scan code and receive payment after delivery. This scene also became the first scene in the logistics field to access the digital RMB payment service.

"We put the promotional material in store conspicuous position, introduced digital renminbi payments related and operation process, also accept the relevant training, the digital RMB payment process is consistent with the existing experience of online payment, easy smooth, hope to bring customers take the lead in the new, digital currency and convenient payment experience." "Said Chen Ruxin, manager of the jingdong Five-star electric appliance store in Suzhou City's Wuyue Plaza.

Research for the evolution of digital currency, digital assets Zhu Jiaming, academic and technical committee, said during the period of 2008 to 2015, is a private or the centre of the emergence of digital currency stage, followed after the agency digital currency intervention and power, the stable currency comprehensive rise phase, the central bank legal tender stage of digital currency approach. There will be further breakthroughs and developments in the future.

Shen Jianguang, chief economist of JD Digits, believes that the rapid development of domestic mobile payment has prompted China to launch a digital currency pilot relatively early and take the lead in the development of global digital currency. At present, China's digital economy has entered a period of rapid development, and digital RMB is a form of monetary development that meets the needs of development. The application of digital RMB will drive industrial development and promote industrial innovation and upgrading.