On August 3, general office of the CPC Beijing municipal committee, general office of the Beijing municipal people’s government to the district party committee, the district government, municipal committee of the central government, all state organs, enterprises and people’s organizations, where they have and all the colleges and universities issued by the standard of “Beijing to accelerate the construction of the global digital economy city plan” notice, notice, points out that to lead block chain layout, Focus on blockchain performance, security, privacy protection, scalability and other directions.

Protocol mechanism, distributed storage, accelerate the consensus across the chain, intelligent contracts, such as technological breakthroughs, to achieve large-scale key technical breakthrough block chain algorithm performance, and through gathering the activation of very large scale data elements of assets, the first native of the city infrastructure construction data, concentrating the construction of open Internet hub of international data to build a new system of the world’s leading digital economy. (Official website of Beijing Municipal People’s Government)

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