How to Play Texas Hold’em?


November 1, 2022

Texas Hold'em is a more interesting but exciting board game. It originated from Texas in the United States, and then spread to countries around the world, and became a popular board game all over the world. However, although there are many people who like to play Texas Hold'em in practice, there are also many people who don't know the rules of Texas Hold'em very well. Obviously, if you don't know the rules very well, it will be more difficult to play Texas Hold'em. So how is Texas Hold'em played?

Before understanding the rules of Texas Hold'em, you should first understand that Texas Hold'em has small blinds, big blinds, perflop, flop, turn, river, etc., which determines the corresponding betting sequence in Texas Hold'em. Since Texas Hold'em is played in a clockwise direction, that is to say, only after the bet completed by the previous person, a person can decide whether to follow the bet, even if the hand obtained by one person is better, or The cards aren't very good, but they can't get past the person in front either. At the same time, there will also be an order in dealing and betting, that is, in the order of small blind, big blind, perflop, flop, turn, and river.

After the game starts, the big and small blinds are first completed by peeflop. Generally speaking, the chosen big and small blinds are often set in advance. Usually, the left-hand side of the dealer is the perflop. After betting the big and small blinds, the cards are dealt. First of all, two cards are dealt to each person participating in the game, but the cards dealt at this time are covered, and no one else knows what cards are dealt except for themselves. Then, 5 more public cards are dealt. At this time, the public exclusion can be seen by everyone. Then each person puts the 5 community cards and the two cards in their hands together, and chooses 5 cards from them to form the cards of their own participation ratio. It should be noted here that if the cards dealt in hand are already relatively good, then you can choose 4 or 3 of the 5 community cards; if you personally think that your hand-made cards are poor, you can choose only 5 community cards.

Of course, in the actual game, it does not mean to wait until all the cards are dealt before comparing. In many cases, only 2~3 public cards may be dealt, and the size of the cards in the player's hand can already be compared. It is a call. Whether to increase the bet, or fold, it is basically certain.

The next step is to compare the size of the players. Of course, it is also in order. If you feel that your cards can be better than the top player, you can choose to call or raise. If you feel that your cards are relatively small, there is no chance to win. , then you can choose to fold. Regardless of whether you choose to fold or lose the match, the previous bet will be taken by the person with the higher hand.