6 Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos


September 11, 2021
bitcoin cryptocurrency

Online gambling isn’t always about winning money. Sometimes anonymity is a concern too. That’s actually the future - gambling with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. So compared with the traditional way of gambling, what are the benefits of using cryptocurrencies to gamble? In this post, we will tell you the 6 benefits of gambling with bitcoin.

1. Anonymity

That’s the beauty of bitcoin, isn’t’ it?

Bitcoin was invented back in 2009 and the primary reason why it was invented is to solve the payment needs in a decentralized way. That means a faster yet more private way to send money.

Being decentralized means no organizations or banks or governments have jurisdiction over it or the transactions made using it.

When you transfer money in a traditional way, such as via banks or PayPal, a lot of information about yourself will be recorded, such as your real name, your email address or even your physical address. But when you use bitcoin, you only need to provide the address of your bitcoin wallet, which is a long string of random text.

That makes it not only very safe but also private. For example, when you play on Anonymous Casino, there is no way for us to know who you are.

2. Cheap

Yes, cheap. It’s very cheap to transfer money using bitcoin. The fees are usually as low as a few cents.

Taking PayPal for comparison - PayPay charges 4.5% of each transaction. That means for every 100 USD you transfer using PayPal, 4.5 bucks go to their pocket.

3. Fast Processing

Transferring money using bitcoin is very fast. Withdrawal in a bitcoin casino can happen in a few minutes. No weeks of waiting. No anxiety of worrying if the money is lost.

You will just need to sit and in a few minutes, you bitcoin will arrive from our casino to your wallet.

4. Bonuses

Compared with traditional casinos, bitcoin casinos are usually much more generous. Taking Anonymous Casino, for example, we offer a 150% bonus for each deposit. That means if you deposit 100 USD in bitcoin, you will get 150 USD!

5. Account Safety

As a bitcoin casino, we don’t ask for any personal information about you other than a cryptocurrency wallet address and a username.

That makes you very safe and no one will know it’s you.

6. Value

Bitcoin is not just a currency - it’s also an asset.

Its price fluctuates all the time and if you are of good luck, your bitcoin will actually appreciate.

So, what’s the conclusion? Is a bitcoin casino better than a traditional casino?

It depends, but I recommend you a bitcoin casino like Anonymous Casino if you:

  1. value your privacy
  2. want to have fun without revealing your personal information
  3. don’t want to pay big for transactions

Do you prefer bitcoin casinos over traditional casinos? What are your reasons? We’d love to hear about them.